Complete the sequence: Dice

Category: Logic

Difficulty: Medium

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1 marcoserato 9 months ago 00:18 7 0 23
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Logic games help students to get skills of correspondence, seriation and classification. These capabilities will be the key to improve in different child processes and math calculations. Through these activities we will develop mathematical abilities and basic abilities related to science and technology.

In this game you must chose the right figure to continue the sequence.

Comments (5)

Están muy buenas las actividades, mis alumnos los van a disfrutar, mil gracias
Written by doris 5 years ago
Es super guay
Written by Alexcidcarb 4 years ago
Haz la serie :)
Written by iagofm08 4 years ago
Es divertido,pero es extremadamente facil.
Deveria tener mas juego con la logica.
Written by NataliaViolet 3 years ago
me siento bien aquí conseguí todos los récords en un día
Written by JesusFS 11 months ago
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