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Today we are in luck, we want to introduce you this new project in which we have been working on for almost a year, is a website with educational funny games to work with your students. It can be interesting for you either if you are a teacher or if you have any children.

In the LucaGames website, you must help Luca to finish the games, and you just have to follow the instructions that his father Gines will give you. The games are organized by categories and difficulty levels. Each game has always 7 stages and every time you play, you will have different stages so that you never get bored repeating the same game to get points!

Besides that, if you register yourself in the website as an user, you will be able to write comments, get points, see your results, change your avatar and compete with other users in the rankings...

On the day of its launch, LucaGames has already 50 games and it’s available in 2 different languages, but we will make new games every week and if you miss any kind of game or if you are interested about practicing with a concrete thing, please don’t hesitate writing us and we will do our best to have what you need.

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LucaGames was developed by the entrepreneurs of “Orientación Andújar & Imágenes Educativas”. Two of the most visited websites in the educational world. Therefore, we are supported by professionals who have spent several years sharing all kinds of educational materials on their websites.

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