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Category: Attention

Difficulty: Low

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These activities will allow students to practice sustained and selective attention, they will encourage two different aspects. On one hand, the child should ignore stimulus that are not relevant and focus on those that really are. This is known as selective or focal attention. On the other hand, in terms of sustained attention, students have to focus for a long time because the game requires all their attention.

Encourage sustained and selective attention is very important at an early age, because this will help them to prevent problems related to later attention.

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Me ha encantado este juego para categorizar genial
Written by Luca 1 year ago
Muy bueno este juego
Written by Ginés 1 year ago
El buscar el intruso permite al niño activar áreas cerebrales que no guardan el intruso
Written by manuel 1 year ago
Semi Pro
Fácil, divertido, entretenido y ... ¡Super guay!
Written by chivirita 1 year ago
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