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Difficulty: High

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With these activities our students can work attention, visual discrimination and stimulate their cognitevity. To play these funny games, students have to identify the puzzle piece that matches with the one that appears.
It's a really good practice for students with deficit attention and ADHD disorder.

The implementation of these activities ensures that our students focus their attention to a particular figure its outline and they learn to differentiate objects without being drawn with all its features just looking at the shape.

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Felicidades una forma divertida de aprender, estoy segura que mis alumnos disfrutarán sus clases con estos juegos
Written by Baby 11 months ago
Hola Baby,
Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Un saludo.
Written by Carlos 11 months ago
Esta aplicación no descarga, se queda en el 83% y no es por capacidad del equipo o conectividad.
Written by samjuan 11 months ago
Hola samjuan, ¿te sigue pasando? A nosotros nos carga hasta el 100% sin problemas.
Written by Carlos 11 months ago
Super! me encanta a mi hijo le va a encantar
Written by josina123 11 months ago
Genial mi hija esta encantada y eso que falta explorar todos los juegos, gracias
Written by LUXIDIAN 10 months ago
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